agree (2015-06-19)

I am strongly agree by this most humanatic message I have ever seen before but the thing that make me comment on this is why they all have said that they are americans??If i am not you then why we have to belong that same country.I AM NOT YOU,I AM AN INDIAN.

Agree (2013-01-09)

Now we begin...!

Agree (2012-07-26)

You listen to me and I listen to you. As long as what I am asking for does not impact you, why not let me have it? For example, how does my marriage impact you? Your marriage does not impact me.

Disagree (2012-05-06)

We are all fooled into being individuals, competing with each other for resources controlled by a few. We are all the same: dead. We are not ourselves, but a part of a species that is consuming itself. You are me and I am you, eating our way through time as the animals we are, unable to understand what a human is, nor how unintentional we really behave. You ARE me, and I am not who I was yesterday. We do not admit our common identity as yeast with tools; consuming mindlessly without moderation because we consumed nature's moderating threats against us. I am you: a bug in a horde of locusts swarming the planet without the restrictions that all other species face. What are people FOR? We have limitless potential to be useful to the planet, yet we simply extract from it for our desires, not needs. We are the robots we warn ourselves about. There is no middle class, no upper class, no 'left' and no 'right'. There is consumption and there is apathy, but generosity to the future is only a story used to increase consumption. Humans are a species that spends its childhood creating a model of the universe in its mind, and upon physical maturity moves into the model, avoiding contact with reality by any means possible. You are me. I am you. We are Consumers. The rest is just bullshit.

Agree (2012-05-01)

Sometimes simply said is best.

Agree (2012-04-30)

What was it I wasn't again?

Agree (2012-04-30)

Too bad I am not running.

Agree (2012-04-30)

If we'd only be more accepting, and work together instead of highlighting our differences, there's nothing we can't accomplish. At the core of things, we all intrinsically want the same thing.

agree (2012-04-30)

the only way there can be real change in politics is to vote for politicians that have fresh ideas and who actually want to be productive. unfortunately we keep voting in the same people time and time again. there needs to be an end to 'career politicians'. out with the old, in with the new!

AGREE (2012-04-30)

I wish I lived in America, to immerse in the diversity. I love this & I hope all 313 million US citizens can adhere to this message.

Agree (2012-04-27)

But disagree with choice of piano.

agree (2012-04-14)

Nicely filmed, nicely said, but will we listen?

AGREE (2012-03-29)

Wow... Everything I stand for summarized. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Agree (2012-03-13)

If we start from a place of respect for each other - and our differences - we might actually be able to solve some problems.

Agree. (2012-03-12)

Wonderful message... We all need to accept EVERYONE.

Disagree (2012-03-08)

I am not disagreeing with the message. I am disagreeing with the idea that the message had a purpose. There was not one. This video stated nothing.

Agree (2012-03-08)

This is what makes us good. We need too understand this! We can only hope the our politicians do.

Agree! (2012-03-08)

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." -Abraham Lincoln

Agree (2012-03-07)

We all are that too hard to understand?

agree! (2012-03-07)

we are more alike than not. I am you but not you

Agree (2012-03-04)

Very deep... It's interesting and an eye opener. That's awesome, whoever created this film.

Agree (2012-03-03)

I cannot imagine what those who disagree are thinking. And I find it interesting that they are not willing to tell us.

disagree (2012-03-02)

You should do a follow-up film on reality.

Agree! (2012-03-02)

Awesome message. Everyone should see this message.

Agree! (2012-03-02)

This is a fantastic video! Very well done... I believe we can all learn something from this message.

If the message is that we are all human (2012-03-01)

and we want the government to listen to us- then here is a “yes” however it is compromised. I believe that humanity needs to be heard by our government but there needs to be more commitment to it then just that. The real issues that perpetuate all forms of violence (economic, environmental, militarized, sexual, etc) and understanding of violence need to be challenged on the systematic level they occur. This video does not confront differences in a manner that I believe strengthens peoples resolve towards unity- such as truly understanding each others differences. This video says that we are not each other, and then that we are each other, both true, but is it because of our "nationality?” Nationality in itself is a privileged concept that excludes the reality that we are all rewarded or punished by society- often decided by our race, gender, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, indigenous heritage, so-called disabilities or rather, different abilities and national origin. We are trained to treat each other certain ways based on where we land in these criteria, and by omitting these factors, we are omitting understanding our real differences- and how to stand by each other through them. Yes we all different and the same- but lets work towards deepening our comprehension of these- lets create a meaningful unity the government cannot ignore. These ideas are not originally mine, but synthesized thanks to a great deal of incredible work on anti-oppression, sexual violence. Thanks to people who are working towards unity.

Agree (2012-03-01)

Beautiful edit, great job! Thank you for putting this together - I hope it continues to get shared. Couldn't be more timely.

agree (2012-02-29)

magic. words and emotion truth and beauty. Well done. I only hope it is a pebble in the still water that ripples out to speaking us "Humans" beyond "Americans". It is at the point now where we will evolve or die. And evolution is now a conscious choice. Do we want to change and live, or remain the same and die? Luckily, we are the fastest adapting animal on the planet. now they call it enlightenment. once you see the light you don't want to step back into the dark, you want to pull others out.

Agree (2012-02-29)

That's a great start - we loved watching this.

agree (2012-02-29)

thank you for putting this out there.